Application Information

Before submitting your project, please review the crowdfunding guidelines below. 

  • Projects must be affiliated with Saint Vincent College and have a college budget/gift account that can receive donations. Groups can use a gift account that is associated with a unit, department, program, or center. 
  • Crowdfunding cannot be used for covering tuition, fees charged on student accounts, or any expenses eligible for financial aid.
  • Projects must be discussed with the appropriate advisor or department head. Undergraduate clubs must discuss their project with Student Affairs/Campus Life.

  • Successful projects will be specific and have realistic goals (typically between $1,000-$5,000 but can be higher).

  • Projects will have a clear purpose, audience, overview, and timeline.

  • The designated team leaders will agree to serve as a point of contact and maintain regular communication with Madison Whitfield, Assistant Director of Annual Giving. The leaders will be required to assist with the preparation of the project page by providing messaging content and images, outreach messaging, as well as assist with thank you messaging for donors.

  • All projects will be reviewed to determine if crowdfunding is the appropriate platform for fundraising.

Review the full guidelines and crowdfunding toolkit here.

Please review the Participant Terms here.

Submit Your Project

*Your project must be approved before fundraising can start. Submitted projects will automatically receive a "Pending" status on their dashboard and via email. A status update will be issued within a week and will either be: Needs Further Review, Ineligible, or Approved.

Projects will be reviewed for:

    Appropriate use of the platform

    Appropriate purpose - funds must be used for intended purpose

    Appropriate messaging, content, and images

    Realistic goals and timing